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Dr. Sherry and our nurturing staff strive to educate your child on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, establishing a positive foundation that will encourage him/her to continue a healthy routine as they move toward adulthood. This includes teaching them to brush their teeth properly, to floss, and how to avoid cavities and other dental problems.

We work hard to “make every visit mean something:” a memorable and positive experience for our patients so that they’ll always feel comfortable about dental care. We know how to talk to children in a way they can understand, which helps them feel they’re a part of their own dental care. The American Academy for Pediatric Dentistry recommends that dental care should start when a child is as young as one year old, but it’s never too late to start, and our patients range from infants to teens.

Listed below are most* but not all of the pediatric dental services we offer. 

*Please ask about any not listed